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Westminster Presbyterian Church



Westminster Presbyterian Church
4735 N. 19th Ave.
Phoenix, Az. 85019

Bible Study 9:00 AM   Worship 10:30 AM
Nursery provided

Located in the heart of central Phoenix and one block south of the light rail route you can find a small, friendly congregation that ministers to families and individuals of every age.
Call (602) 274-2122 for details.

Next Sunday--6-26-16

Next Sunday -- The new Testament book of Acts is filled with stories of people, a wide variety of people.  Some of them are remarkable role models for living faithfully in difficult times.  Others of them are anything but role models!  For the next several weeks, we will hear their stories and learn from them.  We will begin next week with "The story of a Good Man."  This good man is Barnabas, whom we met in Acts 4:3237, 9:26-30, and 11:19-26.


    Date Time Event
    Mon. June 20
    2:45 PM
      Prayer Warriors (Office)                               
    Tues. June 21
    Wed.  June 22                                   

    Thurs. June 23
    Fri. June 24
    Sat June 25

    Sun. June 26 9:00 AM
    10:30 AM
    11:30 AM
     Adult Class (Lounge)
     Kids Sunday School (Nursery)
     Summer Chorale (Choir Room)
     Worship Service (Sanctuary)                                    Coffee Hour (Fellowship Hall)              





Pictures from the 2015 Vacation Bible School.
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