Advanced Lash Ingredients Maintaining a strict and sound Form

Advanced Lash Ingredients So you want to gain muscle mass and size well lucky for you, your in the right place. In this article you will learn two crazy tips that you can use to gain muscle mass quickly and easily. With these two crazy tips that you will soon learn everyone will comment on how good you look, trust me it happened to me.

The First Crazy Tip:

Use heavy weights, while maintaining a strict and sound form. I can’t stress this more than enough. Too often I see people in the gym using light weights and going for higher reps, this method of training is good if you’re a beginner, however if you think you’ve plateaued then you got to go heavy.

The reason is quite simple really, you see if you use light weights all you’re doing is pumping blood into the muscles, however if you go heavy your breaking down the muscle fibres and pumping blood into it at the same time. Notice the keyword here, “breaking down the muscles”. You go to the gym to breakdown the muscle not to pump blood into it, once you breakdown the muscles, Advanced Lash

you have to go home, eat, rest and recover. Your body will use those nutrients to help repair the broken down muscle fibres and once this happens your muscles will grow stronger and bigger.

When using heavy weights, I recommend you have a logbook so you can track your progress. If your weights lifted and reps go up that means you’re getting stronger, bigger and making progress. If not that means you’re doing something wrong and that can mean you have to either change your training method, rest longer or eat more.

Below is a sample of my workout for back day. I do two warm up sets and then one heavy-set, which I go all out on and go to complete muscular failure both positively, statically and negatively.

1. Nautilus Pullover Machine … ws, ws, hs to f … 12, 10, 6-8 to f

2. Close grip lat pull downs … ws, ws, hs to f … 12, 10, 6-8 to f

3. Barbell Rows … ws, ws, hs to f … 12, 10, 6-10 to f

4. T-Bar Rows … ws, ws, hs to f … 12, 10, 6-8 to f

5. Deadlift … ws, ws, hs to f … 12, 10, 6-8 to f

6. Back Extensions … hs to f … 6-8 to f

ws means warm up set, here I go light just to warm up the muscle and to prevent injury

hs means heavy-set, here I go to complete muscular failure, its important to have a spotter here so you can do forced reps, controlled negatives and so on

f means to failure

The Second Crazy Tip:

You have to eat real food to get big. The food that you will be eating will help you progress, in terms of weight lifted and muscle mass gained. However one should be eating five to six meals a day every three hours, not two or three big meals.

Below is a meal plan designed for the person looking to get big and gain muscle mass.

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