Garcinia Shaping Pro Ingredients One of the Best Exercises to Lift

Garcinia Shaping Pro Ingredients One of the best exercises to lift, shape, tone, tighten and increase some booty growth are “Glute Kickbacks.”

Always PUSH through the heels of your feet and really squeeze your glutes HARD on the full extension of the movement! Mentally visualize yourself pushing whatever your heels are connecting with away from you forcefully in a controlled movement. This will activate the muscle fibers in your glutes even more so giving you the best results possible. REMEMBER TO MENTALLY CONNECT WITH YOUR BOOTY, PUSH THROUGH THE HEELS OF YOUR FEET AND REALLY SQUEEZE YOUR GLUTES HARD ON FULL EXTENSION OF THE MOVEMENT!

Always make sure your glutes and legs are fully stretched out and warmed up properly. I recommend giving your stretches at least 10 minutes of your attention and to really mentally connect to each muscle while you stretch.
Remember when doing “Glute Kickbacks” on a bench using a full range of movement is the key to building your glutes because this allows you to tear your glute muscles down from top to bottom so they can rebuild themselves to be being bigger and stronger. Garcinia Shaping Pro

Pyramid set your way up to the heaviest set and then perform 4 sets of at least 5 reps at the heaviest weight possible and then slowly start pyramiding back down till you reach 10 sets. If you are short on time then at a minimum get 5 sets in with 2 heavy sets at 5 reps.

At the top of each movement on full extension of the “Glute Kickback” make sure you hold on to the full extension for one thousandth of a second and really mentally tap into your glutes and squeeze them as hard as possible to get the best and fastest results possible.

Remember when you do the “Glute Kickback” on a bench to always start with your leg at a 45 degree angle and fire up as opposed to straight out. When you kick your leg straight out you are targeting your hamstring more and talking away from the butt building process. Keep in mind when you first start performing these “Glute Kickbacks” your form might be wobbly if you are not used to doing these movements but within no time will your ability to perform “Glute Kickbacks” improve if you stay consistent.

This exercise should be performed at least twice a week with a two to three day rest period in between to see the best results possible and can also be performed for the comfort of your home using a strength or resistance band.

You might be saying to yourself, well I have the “Ankle Cuff” or “Ankle Strap” which attaches to your “Ankle” but this is exactly my point because the “Ankle Cuff” or “Ankle Strap” is attached to your “ankle” and NOT to the “heel” of your foot which is where all of your glute activation comes from for toning or building your glutes.

It can also get very uncomfortable to use by digging the cuff directly into your “Ankle” when using heavier weights which is a MUST for building a bigger booty taking your focus off your workout and can put extra stress on your joints which can increase the chances of an injury.

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