HydraBelle Supplement Some people might not pile on the pounds

HydraBelle Supplement Every once in a while you suddenly develop that itch to lose weight, to gain your dream body so you can get into that dress that which is at least two-sizes small and go to that fabulous party and stun everyone there with your new look. Okay, we can stop dreaming and get back to reality. You desperately want to lose weight and drop 2-sizes. The dress that you bought a few years ago on a whim is still waiting in your closet mocking at you every time you open the closet door.

Every few months you even start taking your aim to lose weight seriously. You start of by saying ‘no’ to sugary treats and desserts. You are happy that when someone passed the plate for seconds you were able to say No. But, this phase barely lasts for a few days and you are back to your old ways. HydraBelle

What is the reason for this behavior? Why are you not able to stick to your weight loss program? The reason is lack of motivation. The first week you feel inspired and wish to lose weight and look like the models in fashion magazines. The second week real life intervenes and you attend a party where everybody urges you to eat a piece of cake and not bother about dieting for one day. One day becomes two and your resolve crumbles and soon you are sitting with a bag of chips and tub of ice cream in front of the TV.

Help From Friends

Don’t worry. It is easy to fix your motivation. Tell a few of your like-minded friends that you want to stick to your weight loss program and to help you stick to your diet. If they are keen to lose weight ask them to join you. Together you can make this work better. If you find it hard to resist foods in a party avoid them for some time till you have gained some resolve through losing weight. When you see positive results you are less likely to indulge yourself.

Reprogram Your Mind

When you look at a cake or dessert imagine how hard you have to work to get rid of the fat. Remember that it would take full 3 hours of walking on the treadmill to get rid of two huge slice of rich creamy chocolate cake that your devoured at your friend’s party. That should give you perspective. Most likely you will even refuse to look at the cake.

Work on your mind. Get your brain to think about the extra work-outs and strength training you need to do instead of thinking of good the dessert will taste.

Gaining and losing weight is simple maths and some common sense.

Some people might not pile on the pounds despite increasing their calorie intake. Some cannot increase their intake as the just don’t feel hungry enough to eat. Such people should try to increase their activity levels which burns off calories and increases the need for food. When they feel hungry they should eat healthy and calorie-dense foods.

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