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Walmart Vivrax Visualization is a mental practice that is used by bodybuilders that understand that their bodies will take them to any goal they want if they can see it in their mind first. It is a practice that any professional or amateur bodybuilder should learn how to use if they want to achieve the success that is necessary to place in bodybuilding competitions.

Visualization is something you can practice the night before your scheduled workouts or, on your way to the gym. By allowing your mind to slow down and focus on an image you desire, you can increase your motivation and obtain greater strength and muscle growth. Vivrax

There are a number of ways to visualize and places to complete this mental exercise. For instance, before falling asleep when your mind and body are relaxed, make sure you have cleared all thoughts from your mind other than the body part and muscle group you plan to work on the following workout. From there, you concentrate and picture an image of you lifting the amount of weight you want to use and the type of exercise.

If you are planning on working your chest and decide that the flat bench press is the exercise you are going to use, then picture yourself on the bench lifting the weight and feeling the exercise. You want to feel each muscle contraction as you lift the weight, actually feeling the resistance through your arms and chest.

Imagine and feel the exercise and the surroundings around you while you are lifting, imagine your chest feeling pumped and see it growing and you, getting bigger through the chest and shoulders. Imagine the type of chest and upper body you want to achieve.

Again visualizing not only can be done before going to sleep or prior to getting out of bed but, you can visualize the results you want to achieve in regards to your workout and muscle growth throughout the day as well. Avoid wasting your time and self destructive thoughts towards your accomplishments or, your ability to build larger, stronger muscle by allowing negative thinking to enter your mind.

By practicing your visualization technique each day, you get more efficient with it and, the images of the body you desire to achieve become clearer. With practice, you are able to concentrate more often when in the gym and with total concentration you develop a keener mind-muscle link that is required to build larger, stronger muscle.

If you are finding you are not progressing like you should or, looking for that added edge when it comes to competing at any level, make the daily practice of mental rehearsal a part of your total bodybuilding training routine.

Richard is a Physical Therapist Assistant and Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise. He has been a PTA since 1995 working extensively in home health with orthopedic patients and deconditioned older adults.

You might consume between 20-25g per day for the first 4-7 days. The exact recommendation varies on who you are but the overall intention remains the same:

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